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USAA is going the wrong way. Sir, I have been a loyal USAA member for 15 or more years. But that is about to end for my USAA terrible credit card. You or someone thought it was a great idea to implement a $10000 limit on all new credit cards. That is bone stupid and I now have a card that I have to pay down before it is due each month. I paid my credit card 14 days early because I put another $6000 on it. Which I will pay when it is due or before. This is intolerable. So I called and complained and tried to get the limit raised, but no one on the phone has the power any longer to do their job. I am sorry sir, you have to wait until December. So This is my last communication before I find another credit card in another bank that does not offer me a credit card with training wheels. This is insulting. You don't take into account payment history, 743 credit score, or anything. I am now working so 16.99% APR is never going to happen again. You need to put the quality back into USAA. There are things that don't work on the app. Auto Bill Pay has not worked for about 9 months. Autopay of my credit card. It is under construction or some crap. Fix your house, Sir. I served 24 years in the US Navy, and need a bank for me. I hear advertisements all over the radio and everywhere. A better idea is to use that money to fix what you have, train and empower your people, and bring the quality back. I used to be proud to belong to USAA. Now I am reluctant to say who my bank is. I had a USAA Card that was 7.8% with a $35000 limit. Bring that card back since I am working again and making more than I used to at my previous job. I have been using Credit since I was 18 and my mom cosigned. I need an actual credit card that does not block me from getting $2000 of medicine for my sister, or $28 online purchasing something I need for work. This crap joke of a card did that over and over. Since I pay the statement amount, I am not worried about 17% interest. But the $10000 MAXIMUM new credit card limit, is SHIT.
Bradley Alan Walters FCC(SW) Retired and Working

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