@USAA – Stuart Parker – When you join USAA, you become part of a family who stands by you during

Margie Bishop sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

When you join USAA, you become part of a family who stands by you during every stage of your life.

I took that right off your website and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, this whole situation that I am about to describe has me so upset that I am going to look into severing my relationship with USAA. A family member would not treat me the way I am being treated.

As a single mother of two, I always rely on my annual USAA subscriber’s check to fund Christmas for my family. This year because of a corporate decision, I will not be able to provide my sons with the kind of Christmas they expect. Because of a corporate decision made by someone who has no compassion or empathy for the first time in 30 years I’m going to have to deal with disappointment. Maybe you should be the ons to explain to them why I can’t afford to purchase what’s on their list. I’m sure when you say it was a “corporate decision” that will go over with them really well (not!). I wonder how your wife Veronica or your daughter would feel is some “corporate decision” kept them from having the Christmas they were expecting.

In September, my father died. A week after that I sold my house. I experienced two major events back-to-back in the short timeframe of a week. I was not only trying to deal with the loss of my father but pack the house I lived in for 20 years. During this time, I was also called out of town two weeks in September and two weeks in November. So needless to say, I was under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure.

I called USAA on November 12 to say that I did not want my subscriber’s account applied to my monthly bill. I retired in April of 2017 and since that time, I have been on a fixed income and as I said above, I rely on my annual check to fund my Christmas expenses. The representative I spoke to took down my information and at no time did he inform me it was too late. I didn’t find out until I received an email saying my subscriber’s account was applied to my bill. I called right away and tried to reach someone who could assist me. A day or two later I received a call from Shannon in the Advocacy Department who was going to look into my situation. I received another call from her today saying that I would not be receiving a check because of a corporate decision that was made.

I have worked in retail for many years and I was employed by a large government agency in Human Resources. I have seen exceptions made all the time. You, as CEO, should stand by the information I was given. You should also stand by me in my time of need as I have been a loyal USAA member for at least 30 years. I would never do anything to members of my family that would have a negative impact on them financially. If I am truly a member of the USAA family, then I expect to be treated the same way. If not, then I highly suggest you change the motto on the USAA website.

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