@usbank – Richard Davis – Mr. Cecere, President, CEO. US Bancorp I am sending you this email in request that

Lisa Lynette Ramirez-King sent a message to Richard Davis that said:

Mr. Cecere, President, CEO. US Bancorp

I am sending you this email in request that the actions of Mr. Brian Aguilar, Branch Manager - Officer of US Bank in Ferndale, WA 98248, be reviewed.
I opened two accounts with US Bank in Ferndale, WA on or around November 2017.
May I make a quick note that, "I have banking experience, I started in the Bookkeeping Dept., I ran Proof and I also was a Teller when needed. I worked for Merchants Bank in Jackson, AL and for Camden National, Camden, AL.
Mr. Cecere, when I opened My Savings account, I emphasized to Mr. Aguilar and made extra sure that My Savings could and would NOT be able to be accessed from My debt card. I was told by Mr. Aguilar, that it (savings) wouldn't be accessed. At this time I was asked if I wanted Over Draft Protection, I said, "No." Mr Aguilar asked, if I was adding My boyfriend, at the time, I said, "NO!" May I add that Mr. Aguilar had a "puzzled expression on his face. I know better, this money, opening these accounts is MINE.

I suffer from PTSD, Major Depression and Anxiety, but I know how to protect My Money.
I am liable for giving my boyfriend at the time, my debt card. I gave him My debt card, in good faith, knowing that My Savings should not be accessable when using My debt card. Well, it happened. Some how, "someone dropped the ball." He emptied My Savings. My bank statements clearly show a balance of at least $900.00 in My Checking Account, so why and how was he withdrawing from the Savings?
I have filed a police report with the City of Ferndale Police Department. Mr. Aguilar stated that I could not be compensated until a court renders a guilty verdict. I am following the steps I was told.
Mr. Cecere, My brain was in a "Straight Jacket" so to speak. I NEVER gave him My debt card for the purpose to withdraw from My Savings. I felt and understood that My Savings could not be touched.

Please, I need Your assistance in this Personal Matter of Mine.
I can be contacted by phone (360)559-9141, email or text.
I look forward to hearing from You in some form.
Thank You for Your time and consideration in this matter.


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