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Rich Poline sent a message to Richard Davis that said:

Rich Poline
24 Karen Place
Budd Lake NJ 07828

Dear Mr. Andrew Cecere,

I am reaching out to you as the President of Us Bank Corp.

My home has been Foreclosed on and is scheduled for a Sheriff Sale. I reached out to the Lawyer that Foreclosed on the home, and asked if there was a payoff deal to be had, based on the condition of the home. I am able to borrow $80,000.00 to pay off the home only. I can not use the money to bring the mortgage current.
I purchased the home in 1997 when I was 22 years old. I worked from the age of 12 and worked in the local food store from the age of 14 until I was 28. I also worked in construction from the age of 16 and at 18, worked two full time jobs. I met my wife when I was 19, and she had a son from a previous marriage. She was in an abusive marriage. We married when I was 23, and I raised her son as my own, he has not seen his father from the age of 2. He is now 29 years old. I have two teenage daughters. My wife is kind of simple, because of the abuse she suffered, and everything falls on me. She would give everyone Ice cream for dinner, and think nothing was wrong with that.
I obtained my Plumbing License at the age of 23, and instruct plumbing apprentices at night. I lost my job in 2011, and unemployment said my best bet was to start my own business. Things were good for a while, but I had some contractors not pay to the tune of $100,000.00
I shifted the business in a different direction that would provide steady cashflow. In 2017 things were looking up with the new clients I had began working for and lined up. June 11, 2017 I was the victim of a robbery, and lost everything. I lost my work truck, the entire inventory of parts, every tool and piece of equipment, computers, business records, banking info etc. I lost every tool I had from the age of 12 on.
I was put out of business and lost all the new clients I had, as well as my existing clients. I lost close to $70,000.00 in tools and inventory alone, that had taken me close to 30 years to build up.
My insurance had a lot of fine print, and they covered $20,000.00 I did not receive the check until December of 2017. I did what I could and have tried to rebuild, but My Dad had an accident at home, and injured his spinal cord and was left paralyzed. After many surgeries he can move his arms, and legs, and can walk a little. He just had another surgery last month. My Mom hurt her knee moving him, and needed knee surgery, and the found blood clots in her legs., and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They both needed a lot of help. My uncle was diagnosed with brain cancer last October and passed around Christmas. My Aunt was in the hospital with a rare liver disease, and They had no kids, and needed help. they were my Father's siblings. My Mother in law had her large intestines rupture, last month, and is still touch and go back and forth in the ICU at the hospital.
It has been a rough 2 years, and I am trying, but it is a lot to take care of. My wife is having health issues as well. and has gone for many tests, but they can not find the problem. She is scheduled for another cat scan next week.
The home needs a new roof, (the roof is over 30 years old and leaks.)

The hot water heating system is over 47 years old and needs to be replaced.

The Air conditioning system has not worked in 20 years and is also 41 years old.

The well that supplies water to the home runs out of water, and needs to be replaced and drilled, but there is no access to get to the area, a well rig will not fit, and the well can not be moved, due to the location of the septic systems of my neighbors.

The septic system is over 47 years old and backs up outside and needs to be replaced.

There is over 100 feet of retaining wall 6 feet high that is falling into the neighbors yard, and needs to be replaced. The wall was put in in 1978 when the inground pool was put in and is 10 feet from the edge of the pool and is shaped like an L. The wall needs to be replaced but the pool may collapse as well, and it needs to be accessed from the neighbors yard.

The drain pipe for the laundry room/ 1/2 bath has collapsed and is located under the garage slab. This needs to be replaced as well.

The gutters need to be replaced over 400 feet of gutters, and the basement needs a radon mitigation system and has water that comes through the walls.

The master bath has been gutted due to a leak behind the wall and is currently not useable.

I am hopeful that we can work out some kind of a deal, that would allow me to stay in my home. I presented the offer to the foreclosing attorney and the mortgage company, with pictures of all of the issues mentioned plus others.

I am able to borrow up to $80,000.00 to pay off the home and remain in it, I can not borrow any more as the condition of all these issues scares them, and if they have to make the repairs to sell the home, to recoupe the money, they know they will have to put a lot of money into the home, if I can not get back on my feet.

I am reaching out to ask you for your help in this matter. I lost my entire business and everything I built up from my teenage years on. I put everything I had into this home, and I hope I will not lose this too.

Please, I am asking for your help to work out a deal that will help me stay in my home, and keep you from getting stuck with all these problems.

Thank You,
Rich Poline

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