V poor Service Response Team Dear Respected Sir/ Madam, With No Choice left with – Lee KunHee email address

Mansi  sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

V poor Service Response Team

Dear Respected Sir/ Madam,

With No Choice left with me, hence i am taking this matter upto you after 25-30 calls
to the Call Centre/Service Team.

My Samsung fridge RT54K6558SL delivered on 30th April16 ( attached Invoice of
the same) after replacement of old Samsung SR-32EMB using for 14 years without any issue. As i was moving to New Apt, so i decided buy a new fridge. Trusting the prestige brand of samsung and 14 years of loyalty with Samsung decided to go with Samsung not other brand inspite of various brand fridge available in Market.
My complete trust went to drainage after Installation (Installation SR# 4215340413) of a New Samsung fridge RT54K6558S on 4th June'16 . Mr. Pradeep - Installation Engineer from Samsung had come to installed the fridge. We had complaint about cooling not happening. He said it takes about 12 hrs to cool for a new fridge. So next day we called informed him its not cooling, we had to threw most thing from the fridge as it was not cooling.
We called up to him , he said he will come next day for checking the same.
He came, inspected the fridge agreed its not cooling. We requested for fridge
replacement and call up customer care # for the same he also talked with
the customer care person. SR (Service Request) was generated.
Next the Expert Technical Engineer Mr. Kamlade -  had
from Samsung had come for the Inspection. He had inspected taken the required snapshot of serial # details,etc , recorded the temperature reset restarted the fridge. Still the fridge was not cooling. He also said it take 12 hrs after reseting the fridge informed us that he is not closing the Service Request will call you sharp at 11:00 am next day, he neither called or lifted my any call.
Since 9th June i am frantically calling customer care support team atlas 3 times a day regarding the status of my replacement of fridge as from day one of installation
fridge is not working it seems we have received a defective piece.
From every call i got different promises our chief executive will call you in an by EOD, by Tomorrow or within 4 hrs or 1 hr is also promise. To my surprise till as
of date no one has called up. Alway when i call up, i get the answer the matter is
escalated from service team has gone to head office, sometimes i get a reply its with
service team they will come definitely. From 3 Weeks i have made around 20 to 30 Calls neither of my calls have been Return as promised by your Esteem Team.

Matter is simple like any new product u bought on installation you find not working
what you would do ? You would definitely ask for the Replacement would not take a chance of repair when you paid good amount with Prestigous Brand like Samsung.

As you know without mobile one cannot stay a single day same applies with the fridge @ home, we cannot cool simple water or keep milk fresh without fridge.
We are staying with this condition almost 3 weeks now.

Requesting you to, Please look into this matter at the earliest.. as i am left no choice but writing a feedback to you.
Awaiting a prompt response.

Best regards,

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