Veer ji I hope you find this Mail at the best of your time.You – Ajaypal Singh Banga email address

tarif sent a message to Ajaypal Singh Banga – President and Chief Executive Officer of MasterCard – Email Address that said:

Veer ji I hope you find this Mail at the best of your time.

You will be

very pleased to know that with grace of whe guru ji and blessing of elders like you , our organisation Bhai Mani singh Sewa Sansthan have started a free English medium school​ Bright Star Academy​ for poor and underprivileged kids. As you are aware that we have been giving free tuitions to poor kids of our community. So , we have taken leap and started a government affiliated ​E​nglish medium school to impart a good level of education as ​g​ood as private schools.
Th​ese​ kids are basically from sikligar and bhand families, and some of them are so poor that they could not meets ends, leave alone the kid's education.

Who are sikligar ?
Sikligar are the families , who have been following sikh religion , despite of being miserably poor. They have not left Sikh religion and still follow all the traditions. We want to educate them so that they remain connected to the sikh dharam.

Who are bhand?
The ancestors of this community were also complete sikh but due to poverty they are now being recognised as HINDU, we want to help this community as well and have enrolled students.

€‹We have students from other communities as well.
Please see attached picture of the transformation we have achieved in recent months. The help we have received is not only from SANGAT, but also from other community. I presume that , they have noticed a change and that's why came forward to help. People have arranged , dresses

books, chairs ​,​table​,​ water containers etc.
But the road to real transformation is still way ahead. We are ready to work day and night but the vision we are carrying and want to realize

€‹ needs lot of support. We need backing from generous people like you. We just request you to please visit the school once.
The children are waiting for you, just come to see smile on their faces , the giggle, the shine, and beauty they have inside out. Visit our school to guide us, how better we can make the things for kids. YOUR GUIDANCE IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE SUCCESS OF SCHOOL AND THE KIDS

Consider the school your own child, tell us how to nurture it and we assure that results will be astounding.


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