@verizon – Lowell McAdam – Dear Mr. Vestberg, It is absolutely astonishing to me how horrendous Verizon Fios' customer support

Carlo D'Angelo sent a message to Lowell McAdam that said:

Dear Mr. Vestberg,

It is absolutely astonishing to me how horrendous Verizon Fios' customer support is either over the phone or via chat. I've been trying to work on several issues with your support team over the past month and my frustration level is extremely high.

My latest issue relates to ordering FIOS Network Extenders (FNEs) for my home. On December 16th or 17th I called support for help. It should have been a striaght-foward process, but excluding hold time, it took about 45 minutes with a support person to actually complete the order. It was not a plesant experience. However, I was assured that the devices would be delivered on Friday, December 20th. They were not, so I called the next morning December 21st and spoke to a lovely young lady named Lori. The most articulate and intelligent person I interacted with over the past 30 days. She explained that because the FNEs were included with another order that wasn't closed, the delivery never shipped. She stated that she would resolve the matter by closing the open order and reordering the FNEs. Now I wanted these for Christmas for my family but that wasn't possible. The order was now promised for today, December 27th.

After spending 30 minutes around 1pm in a chat I was told the package would arrive today. I called this afternoon when nothing arrived. I called at 4:10pm and received a call back at 4:30pm. The rep had me on my cell phone for 30 minutes when she announced that a supervisor was working on the issue. The supervisor called me seprately on my cell (while I was still on with the original rep). During my hold time I asked the supervior why this was so difficult. Amazingly she told me it is complicated because it could be one of 3 delivery carriers. It was an unbeliveable statement to make. Isn't there anything identified on the order? While on the phone with her for another 30 minutes, incredibly I received an automated survey call on my house phone for the original representative! Let's leave it said that I was not satisfied at all and expressed my displeasure as such. At 5:30pm today I was abruptly cutoff from the call by Verizon. No callback. Nothing.

Currently, I have no idea what is going on.

With respect, I must ask you to try and anonymously work with your customer support group. It would astound you. Then again, it may not. This is only the latest, but I've mentioned to friends the other recent issue I've had working with your support group. They've said to me Verizon doesn't care about customer service because they believe the products are superior. Could this be true? I would think as a CEO you want excellence throughout all aspects of your business, particularly customer service and support. Without it what do have?

My apologies if I've rambled a bit but as I said my frustration level is high. My loyalty to Verizon goes back over 14 years as both a FIOS and wireless customer.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

I wish you and your family a happy holiday.

Carlo D'Angelo

Friday, December 27th 6:45pm

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