@verizon – Lowell McAdam – Dear Mr Vestberg My name is Aaron Collett. I have just turned 15 years old

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Dear Mr Vestberg

My name is Aaron Collett. I have just turned 15 years old. I am looking for a Partnership to race in the Formula 4 Championship 2020 with JHR Developments. This will be televised on ITV 4. I would promote your company on my suit, helmet and car. I will also include your company in interviews. I am willing to attend business events to support your business and chosen charities.

I started indoor karting when I was 8/9 years old. I was winning every race and even against the adults. I achieved top driver by getting the fastest lap multiple times.

I have just completed my first year at Rye House, the most exciting year of my racing career so far. I started to do the Mexico Cup Championship, I then won their first ever Scholarship to do the Sutton Cup Championship (named after BTCC driver Ashley Sutton). At the Awards Ceremony 2018 I was 2nd in the Mexico Cup and 1st in the Sutton Cup and very proud to say I received Rye House Driver of the Year award. The first time I got in the Adult Karts, in 40 minutes I broke the fastest lap time track record. I then broke my record again.

I have done a development day in a Ginetta Junior G40. I entered the Ginetta Junior Scholarship 2018 but sadly didn’t win. I am a committed, loyal and I am a quick learner. Sennan Fielding shook my hand after our driving session but was astounded as I said the ear piece had stopped working and shook my hand again.

I have proved my skills to JHR Developments Formula 4 team in their state of the art simulator. I completed Silverstone national circuit in under one minute, within 10 laps, they were very impressed.

I have started to make a documentary with the film company Black is Black Cinematic to follow my racing career.

I am happy to attend a meeting regarding any partnership opportunities you may wish to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you.


Aaron Collett

Instagram: acollett00

Facebook: Aaron collett

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