@verizon – Lowell McAdam – I am not sure if Verizon Executive Team, CEO, or President will read this email

Marian A Bates sent a message to Lowell McAdam that said:

I am not sure if Verizon Executive Team, CEO, or President will read this email, but as a consumer, all I wanted was to be treated fairly and for Verizon to honor their promotion, when I purchased my phones in December 2019. Until May 29th I felt that I was a part of the Verizon family, I have been in the family since 2006. It saddens my heart to hear a manager (Katie) from your management team to said if we make an exception for all our customers, that they would take advantage of Verizon making exceptions. I pray that the person getting this email will read the content of this email in full. I am not looking for a handout, I just wanted to be treated fairly. I have been loyal to Verizon, where is Verizon loyal to its long time customers.
I called Verizon customer service Friday, May 29th, at 9:36 am, to ask a simple question. Have do Verizon handle BOGO when a device is paid off. I paid off my Galaxy Note 10 plus - $916.60. I spoke with David Davila and he told me that I paid off the Freephone, and it would be difficult to correct this issue. How do you pay off a Free phone? David did not say that it was not impossible to fix it, but it will be difficult. I suggested that I stop payment at my bank and pay the bank fees and once funds returned to me and then pay off the lesser value phone, which is the phone I should have paid off. David suggested that I do not take that measure considering I been a loyal customer since December 2006. David listened to my concerns and related to how I was feeling. He said he would speak with his supervisor, to help to resolve this matter.
David called me back on the same day Friday, May 29th, 11:13 am at after his supervisor review the information and said they would give me a credit of $593.75 which is the remaining credit for the free phone totaling $750.00 per the BOGO promotion. I was not completely happy but was willing to take it and to add insult to injury he called me back the same day Friday, May 29th, at 4:57 pm today and quoted per upper management, “they will not give me the credit but will give me a $100.00 toward a new phone”, because of my comment I made about doing a stop payment. I accepted the credit of $593.75, to resolve this matter and Verizon took it back. I felt like I been robbed by the new day Robin Hood in reverse.
I called Verizon Wireless on Saturday, May 30th, at 10:04 am and spoke with Yvonne Bhuiyian to get contact information for upper management. She was truly kind, and after reading the notes on my account and transferred me to her supervisor Katie. I asked Katie for her last name, but she advises me that she could not give me that information.
Katie express to me that I was just another customer and therefore, had to sustain the BOGO promotion agreement because the system seemed to be working fine, and I should have gotten a message that I was paying off the device with credit attached to it. Katie tried to clean it up and said (It does not apply to you) and I will give you half of the $593.75 credit that was promised you.
I told her to thank you and end the call after she applied the $298.87 credit to my account. They didn’t take into consideration that my phone app could have malfunction at the time I paid off the device, which prevented me from getting a warning message (This is a free device do not pay it off). I would stand up for Verizon when people would say (I cannot believe you are still with Verizon) because I got good service and I believed it is the best network on the market. I made a mistake in error, but it was not a mistake that would break Verizon bank, cause share to go down. Help me understand why was I treated like a stepchild? This should have been fixed easily.

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