@verizon – Lowell McAdam – I am reaching out to you because your company has dropped my credit score by

Becky Swartz sent a message to Lowell McAdam that said:

I am reaching out to you because your company has dropped my credit score by almost 50 points for something that I should never have been charged for. I have contacted your company over the last two years and no one is willing to help.
Your company has been after me for the last two years for $50 which I do not owe. When I signed up for services with your company the internet was not working at a speed that could do anything. I was getting under 20MPS which the plan was for over 150mps. The same day I setup the service I called a couple times to verizon customer service to cancel the service because it didn't work to what the service was promised to be. So I canceled same day and was told I would not be charged anything because I just signed up and it didn't work. Since then you guys have reported negative to my credit report. I am asking since your company is making it so I cant get a mortgage for something I dont owe and didnt owe that this gets fixed ASAP. Your collections department refuses to help. What I need done is remove that I owe 50 dollars, contact all three credit agencys and have the whole verizon account deleted from my report. I also need it removed from collections also. I need this done asap and would like a call back. This is terrible to ruin someones life for something that I dont owe. When I call no one seems to care. I hope you can get this fixed so I can get a mortgage and not be punished for something your company is in the wrong for. REMOVE THIS ACCOUNT FROM MY CREDIT REPORTS.

Please remove Verizon from all my credit reports. I really don’t want to have to get a lawyer over your charging me money for an account that was canceled right away because the services didn’t work. You guys will end up paying my legal fees and paying legal fees of your own because this wasn’t right. Now I can’t get a house because of your company.

Becky Swartz

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