@verizon – Lowell McAdam – I have been trying to contact Verizon. I?ve phoned several times but could not make

Louise Raterman sent a message to Lowell McAdam that said:

I have been trying to contact Verizon. I’ve phoned several times but could not make it through. Saturday, I called and stayed holding 49 minutes until Hank came on the line. After ten seconds of talking, he either rang off or we were disconnected. He did not call me back. He cannot say he didn’t have my phone number, as that was my form of identification.

For two months, every time I use my jetpack, it could not give me a reading about usage. When I went online and logged in, also it could not give me a reading. That may have been because of the complimentary amounts you gave, so I forgive that.

This month, I was in a zoom meeting about the beginning of my cycle. I simply watched. There was little movement after logging in. I did not know it would use all my minutes. You gave me notice that I used 90% and then 5 minutes later I am told it is all gone! I stopped my activity immediately.

(I have asked to be notified at 75%. That way I can regulate my time better.)

So I called to find out if I went over as now my device was reading usage 1.1 out of 1. Even though I discontinued use immediately.

But I haven’t been able to reach you! I wanted to know what my penalty will be if I am over and do I have an option to go up a scale. I think you sent a text about this, but as you know I have no smart phone and my little phone does not pick up everything.

So today, I get a message, a phone call, that you are discontinuing my service – even though I paid what I was told, my bill in full last week.

So I don’t know what is going on now. I don’t feel I should be penalized, because – while I appreciate you are in covid mode – I haven’t got the customer service that is supposed to come with my phone. I do need to access the internet and find I am afraid to do so, as I don’t know what this is costing me.

Louise R.

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