@verizon – Lowell McAdam – My name is Gloria Sallard and has been a customer of Verizon for many years

Gloria Sallard sent a message to Lowell McAdam that said:

My name is Gloria Sallard and has been a customer of Verizon for many years. Several weeks ago I went to your store on Albermarle Rd in Charlotte NC and spoke to Sonia, She reviewed the tablet and stated that it must be threw away because of the swolllen battery pack. This I did. She stated that I was to call and speak to an agent, which I did. The new representative was explained the situation, she want to sell me a new tablet. Please review the phone conversation. When I asked to speak with a Supervisor, I was transferred to Mercedes, she stated that I did not have insurance coverage on the tablet, This was not so as I put coverage on both phones and the tablet. She stated that she would research and call me back on Sunday. Several Sundays have passed and I am yet to research a call. However, based on the bill I received today, I am being billed for a tablet that she stated would be removed. Today, I received my bill with the tablet bill of $22.06. It has not been removed as Mercedes stated it would be. Also, I today, I had a chat conversation with Pearl Wilson, explaining the situation and sent to TECH Support AND FOR $1.00, THEY WOULD ADDRESS THE MATTER. A matter of no tablet. Your staff are all polite be they do not listen and fail to handle the problem. So I am reaching out to you for a resolution, refund the charges that I paid for services not used by the tablet and removed the charge of $22.06 . I may reached at my home number 704-567-5166. Respectfully
Gloria Sallard

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