@verizon – Lowell McAdam – My name is Peter V. Quaglia. I have been a Verizon and Verizon Wireless Customer

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My name is Peter V. Quaglia. I have been a Verizon and Verizon Wireless Customer for in excess of 20 years. I am so completely exasperated that I feel I have no choice but to write to you in an attempt to resolve my issue.

On 21OCT20, I visited a Verizon-Victra store in Red Bank, NJ inquiring about a Verizon Wireless Hotspot. That was my first mistake. I had assumed that Verizon wouldn’t lend their name, or logo, to a merchant as underhanded and dishonest as Victra has proved to be. I asked directly whether or not the purchase of a hot spot would be FULLY REFUNDABLE in the event that it would not work in my particular application and I was assures by the sales representative that it would be.

Two hours later on that same date, after realizing that the hot spot would not be suitable for my application, I returned to the same Verizon-Victra store where the sales representative charge me a $50 restocking fee. I was at a bit of a loss. The sales representative spoke perfect english, there was no language barrier, and he clearly told me that my purchase was FULLY REFUNDABLE within two weeks. There was never a mention of a restocking fee. I returned to the store TWO HOURS later, not two weeks, yet after specifically telling me that my purchase was FULLY REFUNDABLE, the very same representative refunded my purchase LESS $50. Its astounding to me that Verizon would partner with such obvious shysters, however Verizon DID provide me with a credit of $50 on my wireless account for which I am grateful.

Later that day, I had occasion to speak to a Verizon Wireless representative a second time because I had become aware that BIG Verizon would be assessing an early termination fee for a hotspot that I physically had in my possession for LESS THAN TWO HOURS. Since that time I have spoken with no less than 5 representatives both on the phone and over text, all of whom had assured me that I would not be charged an early termination fee after I had explained the circumstances. I have screen shots of texts from my last exchange where I was assured that I WOULD NOT be charged an early termination fee.

This morning, 08NOV20, my bill generated and guess what... it appears that I have been charged an early termination fee. I am absolutely apoplectic. I am appealing to someone one last time to resolve this before I end my relationship with Verizon permanently.

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