@ViewSonic – Clifford Hudson – 9 10 2015<br>Good morning mr hudson my name is eddie we visit your sonis at

eddie sent a message to Clifford Hudson that said:

9 10 2015
Good morning mr hudson my name is eddie we visit your sonis at last 3 times a week in milford connecticut for your bacon cheesebugers and skakes on 9 10 2015 at 7 pmme my wife and 2 kides coming from the mall stop at the restanrant for 4 bacon cheesebugers and are 4 skakes at the driver up window we told the boy at the window what we want he told us driver up when we got to the window he told us he never put the order in we ask y and he told us we drover away we ask y wood we do that he told us that we are busy and to driver around and ill do the order over my wife ask him the 4 milk shakes at the window are they ares he said i have no time i am busy so we ask to see the manger he said ill try to find him about 10 min later he came back to the window and said i cant fond him so we got out of the like and went in side to find the manger he told us no buddy came looking for him we told him what happened he told us do the order over now you wood think after all of this and being aggravation you wood think he wood give us some thing free but not a thing looks like we are going to have to driver to wallingford to the sonic out there mr hudson i hope you read this I even ask the boy in the window in this a joke than we are on tv and he said no is not a joke me and my family hope to hear from you thank you eddie and family

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