@ViewSonic – Clifford Hudson – Dear Mr. Hudson, I am a long time patron of Sonic, I love the service

Jessica Sailliard sent a message to Clifford Hudson that said:

Dear Mr. Hudson,
I am a long time patron of Sonic, I love the service, the food, and the experience; as do my friends and family.
We go to Sonic fairly often, and I noticed something that I've been wanting to bring attention to for a while. Sonic still uses styrofoam cups. From shakes, to soda, to water; they're all styrofoam.
Commonly when a group of us go, everyone gets a shake and a cup of water. For the three of us, that means every single time we visit, six styrofoam cups will sit in a dump somewhere for about 500 years.
Considering America's pollution numbers, and the unhealthy state that the Earth is currently in; I couldn't help but wonder how much of a positive influence you could make on the world just by switching your cups.
Based on my limited researching ability, paper cups (coated in wax) take about 20 years to decompose, but are more expensive than styrofoam; and plastic cups take longer than paper to decompose, but they are must less expensive when it comes to manufacturing and shipping.
I know we're asking for a lot, but we believe that your customers would admire the switch to more environmentally friendly cups, or possibly a recycling can at each location.

Thank you for your time,
Jessica Sailliard

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