@ViewSonic – Clifford Hudson – I went to sonic in yakima ,it took 20 minutes to get there waited in

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I went to sonic in yakima ,it took 20 minutes to get there waited in the drive up finally got up to the speaker to order she ask if we could hold for a minute so we did but thinking it's like 11:45 at this point but about 5 minutes later she comes back so we go to order milkshakes and nope cant get them they already closed the machine down so well ok then we went and orderd slushys or what ever they are called and get up to the window to pay and they dont take cash PLUS they wouldnt even give us a discount for all the inconvenience so we had to leave because we only had cash!my complaint is do you serve every thing you advertise when ever your open or do you only sell certain things when it gets late because you need to advertise that you only sell certain things on your menu when it gets passed a certain time so people like me wont come all the way to town while having kids so excited to get a shake only to go back home with nothing and be told because they want to get out of there at a reasonable time well excuse me for wanting to order some things from sonic only to go home with nothing I felt bad for the kids and the funny thing was the girl that took our order never said any thing she just left the window then come back and told us the machine is closed down now I ask you how rude is that and especialy having us wait when we first pulled up to order man I'm still mad and I dont know if you have kids but to have one crying on the way home and the other one not even saying any thing just so disappointed i dought if i ever want to go back agine they were so rude about it no I'm sorry nothing so good job sonic

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