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My name is Adrian Melinte and I am a Vodafone customer from Romania.
I am writing this letter to you because I do not trust the Vodafone representatives from Romania and more than this, on the 12th of february 2020, I sent to Vodafone Romania, via online, a petition telling them about my problem.
My petition has the registration number 67200496 on 12th feb 2020 and the Vodafone message said that I will be contacted by Vodafone in 7 working days and..... no answer so far.

Anyway, because my actual phone is broken, I was trying to buy a new phone from Vodafone. So, I checked the site and I have chosen an Hwaei P Smart Z. I called a Vodafone representative and ask him to make a offer for me. He calculated and said that the cost of the phone is 180 Euros plus I have to raise my abonament from 11 Euros to 13 euros/month. Nothing less.

In the other way, for the new comers people, the same phone, cost at half price....like about 90 Euros.

This Vodafone behavior is against my logic.
So, instead to apreciate and take care, first of all, about your old and loyal customers, who pay the bill to Vodafone from 5 or 10 years ago, month by month, and in this way of thinking to make a good deals when old customers want to by a phone, the Vodafone do not realy care about this and insted, is making good deals for the new comers.

Now, my whole family (wife, mother, father) is Vodafone customer, but if this is the way of Vodafone business and treatment of loyal customers, I will have to move to another telephony company who can treat their customer in the right way.
I was waiting 12 days from Vodafone Romania a point of view at my petition but it seems that nobody care, so that is why I decided to write to you.
Thank you for your time.

Adrian Melinte
Phone 0040 747 77 63 69
E-mail adrianmelinte@yahoo.com

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