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Rex Sebastian Chandru sent a message to Martin Winterkorn that said:

Dear Sir,

The below mail is sent to Hyderabad Khajaguda PPS Volkswagen service centre manager.

Dear Mr.Govind,

This is A.Rex Sebastian Chandru regarding my VW Jetta AP03AN9009.

More than a year I’m visiting Volkswagen service center every week for some noise (same problem) in the Vehicle, but till now it is not rectified, I really feel bad as there is no one to address this issue and I am ashamed to talk about Volkswagen cars to my colleague, as I have suggested lot of my friends to buy Volkswagen cars, and now not in a position to drive the car or take it to office as there is noise and I see everyone seeing the vehicle.

I really don’t know, whether you have proper Service Advisor and Technician for the service of the cars. I really doubt, whether these type of problems are taken to the Head office or it is been closed in local, as I see no one is fit to do service, as my problem persist for years, but asking to change the parts for the problem as below and attached the documents.

As you know recently I had a problem with the Service Advisor Imran Khan, giving me a wrong estimation of Rs.261000 and it was billed for Rs.530000, after a discount of the parts for Rs.70000 I have paid Rs.455000 (Four Lakh Fifty five thousand) for my vehicle on 9-Jun-2018(Advance on 27 and 28 Apr-2018). I came for this noise problem and I was asked to change the attached bill parts. The vehicle was delivered on 9-Jun-2018, but got the same noise on 11-Jun-2018 and the Technician came and took the vehicle and updated me the problem is resolved, but today (12-Jun-2018) got the same noise, now I really doubt, whether Hyderabad Khajaguda PPS people are fit to do service for the Volkswagen cars or just like that asking to change the parts, whenever we visit the service center.

My car Windshield was broken in the Service center and when I checked with them, they told it was broken internally when doing some service. I have given my insurance to claim that damage.

The service advisor Imran Khan didn’t even suggest me, not to spend more on this vehicle and to go for a new vehicle, as he is not aware of the problems in the vehicle and not able to give a proper estimate initially in one or days and always he keeps on adding to the parts list and didn’t even inform me, when taking delivery it ended with lot of discussion and I had paid a huge amount. Instead of spending for this I would take a new VW vehicle.

I’m frustrated spending lakhs and lakhs of money, more than the vehicle cost. Can someone from the management address this issue.

Note: Check my history, how much I spent on this vehicle and also my car was in Hyderabad Khajaguda PPS service center for months telling me that parts not arrived.


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