@volkswagencom – Martin Winterkorn – Good Morning! We request the reimbursement in the amount of R$ 200.00 ? EUR

Journalist Vera Sousa sent a message to Martin Winterkorn that said:

Good Morning!

We request the reimbursement in the amount of R$ 200.00 – EUR 47,70 (charged improperly), on 11/02/2019, when we received the amount of the budget to perform general painting in the Meira Lins - Piedade Store.
There was embarrassment because the first Budget was valued at R$ 4,085.00 – EUR 972,60 for general painting of the Gol - VW car. And the second budget was valued at R$ 6,256.11 – EUR 1.489,60 (07/02/2019), therefore, much more than expected).
The discrepancy of the budgets occurred because the service to be done in the first case would only be "sill painting and base of the trunk lid" (when it was budgeted and discriminated as – Luggage Cover + Roof + Hood + Right Side and Left Side + Suitcase cover, therefore, well below the second budget).
And the second budget was specific, although both were general painting of the VW Gol, because the vehicle was the same.
Even though they did not perform the service, the mechanics removed pieces of car, which generated the charge.
In addition, the car was left on 07/02/2019 for Budget review, by Manager Daisy, with no positive response, until 11/02/2019 (the first budget was wrong). Causing great constraints, moral damages and health.
We have always relied on Meira Lins services, but this time we had to perform the general painting at another facility. The car was withdrawn immediately from Meira Lins-Piedade, on 11/02/2019.
Because of this, we were without vehicle until the 24/02/2019, causing great damages.
We also noticed that the Parts and Services Sector of Meira Lins-Piedade is horrible, functioning precariously. Despite having the parts in stock, employees are missing to meet, since we need several spare parts in the car.
We appreciate the attention, avoiding, once again, new damages and constraints, rejecting the information that the first budget would not be general painting.
Sorry for disturbing you, but we need to preserve image of Volkswagen. Our manufacturer since 1984.
We love GOL (GOL PASSIONATES CLUB) that is why our CAR is 2006/2007, but completely new.
It is timely to say that we have another VW Car (Crossfox).
Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We really need your help.

Unfortunately VW do Brasil does not like to preserve the Company's image.

The advertisement here is that any Registered Company can be part of VW and do business in
name of Volkswagen. That is, anyone can enter the factory of the VW of Germany and sell the vehicles that are in the yard, without being accountable or responsible for it.

We are waiting for news, relying on the Volkswagen World brand.
Sorry to disturb you.

Thanks for your attention, waiting for an answer as soon as possible.


Cel: (79) 99981-4985

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