@Walgreens – Stefano Pessina – Dear Mr Pessina, I am a small woman owned comapny, in my 70's now and

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Dear Mr Pessina,
I am a small woman owned comapny, in my 70's now and proud of what I have accomplished over these many years. I manufacturing cbd product for humans and dogs. I have been in business since early 90, well versed in what I do(please see my history at whiteelkcreations.com) I moved my formulas into the hemp industry and became part of the Colorado Hemp Association in 2010( the same year I formed to LLC.Where dog product are concerned I did a small clinical study and local veterinarians are now using. on of our product for seizures. I have everything that is done lab tested.What makes my formulas great I created them for my health issues, so best test of quality there is.
I am writing for two reasons, one because such a large company as Walgreens probably has many diversity companies apply and a small one like mine often fall through the crack, more so with no hand up.
Two I followed all the vendor relations applications that were on the sight I found and received a note from Walgreens, that Walgreens has Range Me handle all the registration and submission paper work. I filled that all out as well, they said great the product you wanted them to look at, cbd muscle balm on its way. BUT then I received other notes that said it would get to you faster if I bought there 1200 dollar premium assistance program. In short pay this or you would not see us. As I said, I am small, extra monies such as this 1200 I will need for insurance. Given that trying to contact you directly seemed a better option.
I have contracted a manufacturing facility, it also has a chemist, these two things will help me be consistent in what I do and need done, I just need your comapny and that teaching hand up mentioned, and seems consistent with what your diversity program is about.
I am well aware your time is valuable and do hope you have the time to review this letter.
Patricia Dice CEO
White Elk Creations LLC

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