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Dear Stefani

It is nice to e-meet you. Hope all is well on this beautiful day. My name is Terri and I am reaching out to you to share some information about Himalayan Salt –

We are a Himalayan Salt Company.. All of our products are 100% pure, & natural straight from the Himalayan mountains. We own our factory and are direct importer with our Corporate headquarters located in NJ.

We have many classifications. products and styles. Gifts, Decor, Housewares, Seasonal, Accessories, Nightlights, Illuminating Lamps


Himalayan salt products have many health benefits.. in any form any time of the year
people are becoming more and more concerned about Clean Air and Wellness
searching for All Natural Chemical Free - Alternatives......

Our products are 100% natural Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial, Anti-Everything …. Anyone and everyone
can benefit from the use of Himalayan salt. They are a natural way for people of all ages
to help restore wellness, have fewer symptoms such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis,
and any other sort of breathing problem.

Himalayan salt lamp & candles works an ionizer/purifier,.
cleanse the air naturally eliminating harmful toxins, germs, bacteria, dust, and pollen from the air, makes air fresher, easier to breathe, easier falling sleeping, less symptoms from allergies,sinus and breathing issues with less dust, allergens, and dirty electricity.
Nature’s way of restoring wellness, and helping us to have healthier, happier lives.

People say they have an easier time concentrating, and they can center themselves and the glow restores a calming effect on the body reducing stress and even a better mood. When placed near your bed, the Himalayan lamps helps fall asleep easier, alleviating coughing and stuffiness. .

Our mini usb salt lamps are great for people who spend extensive amount of time on computers... great for loss of concentration/ lack of energy, blurry eyes. Adding this to your work area will solve this problem while enhancing wellness and improving health. While your computer is on, this unique USB salt lamp circulates the air around electrical equipment and computers and combats harsh elements that reduces electro-magnetic pollution affect and help to improve your concentration and keep the air around you healthful, clean, ionized naturally, and energetic.

Many people that buy one salt lamp or candle holder end up buying many for their entire home because the beautiful glow that gives cleaner, fresher air, less dust and allergens healthier living.

Lamps & Candle holders - Summer/Spring Allergies ...... Pollen free- dust free.... ionized healthy fresh air

Cutting board/Cooking slab - great for barbecue or grills or as a cutting board
flavor your food with healthy salt loaded with 84minerals-
salmonella - bacteria no need to worry because it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

Night Lights - healthy night glow also perfect for children and baby rooms

Edible Salt - restores body health with 84 minerals

We have stock should be interested in test stores to kick the summer off.....

I would love the opportunity to meet any time that is convenient with your team to share all the health benefits from Himalayan Salt products. I look forward to hearing back from you.

With Gratitude,

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