@Walgreens – Stefano Pessina – hello…it is so hard to believe you seem to be one of us! meaning

Carolyn Boudreaux sent a message to Stefano Pessina that said:

hello...it is so hard to believe you seem to be one of us! meaning we get to contact you! I have a very important situation - I was injured at Walgreens in New Iberia, Louisiana 70560 the St. Peter St. store. I am having a hard time with Daniel Cummings your Sedgwick Ins. Co. rep. my injury is bad and I'm 66 and was treated terrible at the time. Please look me up on Facebook Carolyn Halphen Boudreaux- we can message ..I have so much info and no one to listen! I rather not use legal but if I need to I will. I have a claim number and many pictures of the faulty door ...also, MRI report-chiropractor report and others..you know you would not like hurting all the time...I want to be my old self..I have NEVER had any health issues til this day when I went into the store..I'll explain what happened when I hear from you! one thing I'll say now I was treated terrible by your employee...I was bleeding terribly and he told me to leave instead of taking me to the pharmacy and have them tend to my wounds..so I had infection..it affected my arm -hand & neck..I have picture of door and metal object that almost took my hand! you seem to be sincere by letting me send a message you don't usually see that these days from the wealthy! I hope to hear from you so you can handle your insurance carrier you must pay good money to! I don't sue..I lost a son at 20 yrs. old and didn't sue ..the driver of the car he was in did and received half a million..I'm asking for my bills as of now to be paid $7000. approx. and further health care...hope to hear from you ! thanks sir

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