Want to ask about All New Innova 2016 (2.4 V AT Diesel) Indonesia Fair ??? – Akio Toyoda email address

charles sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

Want to ask about All New Innova 2016 (2.4 V AT Diesel) Indonesia

Fair ???

1. Approximately 14 days (+/- 1,000 Km) of use must be made Spooring and Balancing that due to the tightening of the screw bolt or nut nuts on vehicle ???

2. On the Conditions and Specific Speed Vibration existence of "Abnormal" in my opinion and has been echoed by technician authorized workshops, so it must be done demolition on axle area ???

3. Headunit ageless hank / error sometimes restart itself ?? (Indeed sdh resolved with the replacement of all types Q headunit, but after replacement 3x headunit with the same type with type V)

I felt it was no comfort in the vehicle and it feared would interfere with the safety of my family and or other passengers.

if everything had to be repaired even though it has been found abnormalities in the vehicle at the start of use (14 days) ??

and I think when we buy a vehicle that we expect is a guarantee of the safety and comfort of the vehicle brand (in this case TOYOTA)

it is the policy in each country will be different but still the brand that TOYOTA

I expect to be helped in solving my problem, because I bought the car at a great price for the safety and comfort are not to be tried for further product improvement.

How Quality Control TOYOTA ???

Thank You

*note :

I apologize in advance because I do not know the email address of Toyota Motor japan and no link contact us on the web.

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