Was your order was damaged or defective? You can return it for a refund or – Doug McMillon email address

tim sent a message to Doug McMillon CEO, Walmart that said:

Was your order was damaged or defective? You can return it for a refund or a replacement.

Dear CEO Doug McMillon and any Customer Service Supervisor, Palm Springs Store Manager

I received a BIKE as a gift from my mother in July 2015. When I received the bike everything seemed fine except the handle bars required tightening several times I live part time in Palm Springs so I rode the bike about 15 miles before I put it away and went to our other home.

Last month upon arriving back I went for a short ride and the handle bars required tightening again and again. They were unable to stay tight for more than a short ride. My nephew took the bike for a ride and the handle bars became very loose nearly causing him to be hit by a car. I have come to summarize after reading the customer reviews that this bike has a defect and is unsafe. It should not be sold and I certainly do not wish to keep it.

So I called and wrote to Walmart.com and I was very clear telling them my situation. I did not want a refund but they could not credit the card because it is my mothers card and when she retired from teaching she retired that card. They were more than happy to help me and said even though it was over the 90 days, since it is defective and otherwise in excellent shape, I would have NO problem returning the bike to my Palm Springs store for a credit. I asked them again to be absolutely sure I would have no issues when I went to the store. They assured me I would not.

When I arrived they looked up the ORDER # and said they could not return it, DEFECTIVE or Not due to being over the 90 days. They showed me a computer screen that said "NO" and said ONLY walmart.com could clear that at their end. I proceeded to call from the store, watching supervisors at the store level look and pass me by for over an hour. I went to the photo dept to have the store manager meet me and they never came. I found it really hard to believe that NOT ONE MANAGER could correct / override this, make me happy with my store credit and I could spend all of it within hours.

But what happened is I had a new CustServ associate from walmart.com who did not know what to do, couldn't get a supervisor. Nothing. I had to take the bike and in a very difficult process get it back in my car and come home. This entire process was guaranteed to me to be an easily handled situation with NO PROBLEMS! It was horrible. I have not just a defective bike but extremely unsafe. My nephew could have been hit by a car which would turn a refund into a lawsuit. Lets just say I had a really horrible day and it did not at all need to be that way.

How can you get this corrected for me so I can go back tomorrow and have this all taken care of. Please help me get this done. I will try to email the store and customer service as well.

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