We have been a client of royal bank for twenty seven years.We have a – Dave McKay email address

Triffie peyton sent a message to Dave McKay President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada Email Address that said:

We have been a client of royal bank for twenty seven years.We have a mtg plus account and RRSP.In last year I am struggling due to my husband becoming sick but I still kept up with my bills.I visit the bank on paramount this week to see if they can help me to refinance my mortgage because I have a big bill to pay.plus I have second mtg on my house with 13%.I wanted to increase my mtg 187000.00 pulse I hold 258000.00 on my mtg.I wanted to have it all combine as one.I dont want to sale my house to cover the bills I have.I am not rich but I have never miss a payment on my bills.I feel the big change over in the staff at paramount bank they are not interested to service you or help out unless you have money behind you.I had to made many calls before they call back.We have diasability insurances on our mtg which is been covered while my husband of sick .If royal bank was able to help me out I would be able to cancel insurances and pay for my mtg which would be better then selling my house.Like I say Mr. President I dont have much money I live from pay to pay.I would like some help or I would have to sale my house and I well be paying more in rent then my mtg payment is each month.Thanks for your time.

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