We made the huge mistake of installing ADP monitoring service in 2007 and ever since – Carlos A Rodriguez email address

Doris Lindsay sent a message to Carlos A. Rodriguez - President and Chief Executive Officer of Automatic Data Processing, LLC. - Email Address that said:

We made the huge mistake of installing ADP monitoring service in 2007 and ever since, the HARDWIRED NOT BATTERY connected smoke and CO detectors have malfunctioned, causing many many false alarms to which the local fire dept has had to respond. We have made many many many many calls and requests to have the system fixed only to get shit lip service and no action. We have tried to get our money back and to terminate the service to no avail. Last night, at 1AM, the fucking system malfunctioned again. We called ADP anbd got a dolt who said, DUH, is your system going off? then said, Oh yeah, I see it is. Dolt had no clue how to turn it off and dolt did not call the fire dept. We unplugged the main battery pack and some other major plug several times - took 45 minutes for us t silence the shit. At 9 AM, 8 HOURS AFTER, we get a recorded call from ADP telling us that the alarm went off and if we see fire, smell smoke or gas to call 911. What the hell kind of monitoring service is that? We just paid for 3 months of this lousy treatment. How can we get our money back so that we can take our business elsewhere? We are at 4960 Rockefeller Rd, Auburn, NY 13021; 1-315-282-7736. And, we want to hear from you because there is no way to talk to anyone else and no way to get any satisfaction or service. In July, Pete Bernard told us to call him at 315-877-9027 if we had problems. W have had 3 false alarms since and he has never responded to any of our calls - so typical of ADPs service.

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