We recently booked and went on a trip thru Priceline , along with the airfare we – Darren R Huston email address

Cecile sent a message to Darren R. Huston – President and Chief Executive Officer of The Priceline Group – Email Address that said:

We recently booked and went on a trip thru Priceline , along with the airfare we rented a car thru Avis car rental . My brother (Paul
Laflamme) called and spoke to someone about what happened to us when we rented the vehicle. We are not frequent travelers so we are kind of unfamiliar with using car rental agencies, we filled in the application for a full size vehicle to be picked up at the airport in Atlanta Georgia to travel to our sister's home in Florida . We were under the assumption that we could return it at an Avis dealer in Florida as we were picking up a 6 passenger van there to be used for our weekly visit.
We were very shocked to find out that by returning it at that location we would be charged a fee of $300! When filling in the application for the car the site must automatically put in the drop off location as the same where it was picked up as we would not have entered that information. If that space had been left blank and we would not have been able to continue till it was filled in then it would have gotten filled in correctly. So with that being said I feel that we should be entitled to a partial refund of the fee we were charged , so that we go away with a better opinion of Priceline (and Avis)! We also booked a car rental in Kissimmee Florida to return to Atlanta this time through Enterprise and we had to manually type in our pick up and drop off location so we had no problems with that one, which is how it should work. I would appreciate any help you may be able to give us , in reference to this matter. Then you will have us go away a satisfied customer who will sing your praises rather than a dissatisfied customer who will spread negative reviews . Thank You for your time and consideration in this matter Cecile

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