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Dear Mr. Burdick:
I had been a happy member #18296875 of WellCare Advantage Plan in Dade County Florida since January 1st of 2017 until I received a bill From Lab Quest Diagnostics for $20030.55. The invoice # is 6959860964 dated 9/24/2019 (800-4888890).
I went to my assigned doctor by your Plan, and prompted by a phone call in your Plan to go for my annual physical which I went to on 5/6/19 and had regular lab work done, prescribed by Dr. Kamlet, (305 6049596) who according to my Plan has "0" co payment. When I called WellCare I was told that (to my ignorance, because I was NEVER notified of any changes) after seeing him as my assigned Primary physician since my enrollment in WellCare, that I had gone to a doctor not covered by the Plan. Of course I had no warning by the Plan or by the Doctor. I am 73 years old, living on fixed income. $2999 is an unaffordable and very concerning amount of money for me right now. My insomnia and anorexia have gotten worse since this incident. I have received very disturbing phone calls claiming that I am responsible to pay that bill or that they have not made a decision yet, except that they have asked Lab Quest not to bill me anymore.
There are two complaints 1) An employee named Zelda is in charge 866 5871384 Case # C 1902845713. The other one run by Daniels, La Toya (866 2158736 ) Ref PRC-5545. I beg you to intervene in my favor on this matter. Any complaints that I have filed with local or Federal authorities will be dropped after the charge for$2030.45 is dismissed and paid either by Well Care or Dr. Kamlet and to make sure that WellCare specifically advises its members and their Primary Care Physicians to check ON EVERY VISIT that their Doctor and Labs are still part of the plan and not simply mischaracterize with "0" co payment for those services. It is my intention That nothing similar happens to me or any other Senior belonging to any WellCare Supplement Plans in the future. Sincerely Albert Diaz

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