@WellsFargo – John Stumpf – Dear Mr. Stumpf; I am contacting you instead of my local branches because there is

Barbara J Hardin sent a message to John Stumpf that said:

Dear Mr. Stumpf;

I am contacting you instead of my local branches because there is no one in the branch that has the authority to make changes. To give you a little background, my husband and I, as well as my Trust accounts, had been with Fortera Credit Union for about ten years. They had an excellent bill pay system until the first of the year and then it became inefficient and limiting, so we moved our accounts to Wells Fargo, thinking a bank your size would provide a much better system. Unfortunately that isn't the case as we have had payments not paid on the days they were scheduled, and received late notices and fees as a result. While we don't appreciate paying late fees when our payments are scheduled in time to prevent these notices and fees, furthermore, we don't appreciate the light it puts us in to have continued late payments. Your bill pays also says that it can take up to ten days for a check to be received, which is ludicrous since you can send mail across the United States in no more than seven days. My husband is retired Army and a disabled veteran, so we pay most of our bills on the 1st of the month. Originally Fortera gave us the option of having our auto-scheduled payments sent on the Friday prior, if the 1st fell on a weekend or holiday which worked very well as we didn't have as much a one late notice in ten years. Then today I added a new payee to my bill pay account and tried to schedule a payment for Monday the 12th and it only gave me the option of Tuesday the 13th. Since Monday is not a holiday, why would your system not allow a payment to be scheduled for Monday the 12th? Like Fortera, it seems like your bill pay system pays bills when they get around to doing so, sometimes a day or more late even when the scheduled payments do not fall on a weekend. As consumers, this is not acceptable and as a major bank I am really surprised you allow this to happen. I would prefer to not have to move all our accounts, so I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter.

Please let us know if your bank has plans to upgrade your bill pay system to be more efficient in the near future to meet our needs, so we can decide if we need to move our accounts again.

Hoping to hear from you before the 1st of December, as there is stress enough over the holidays without having to deal with this issue.

Barbara J Hardin

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