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Dear Michael,

We are writing to you to explore the opportunity to see if we could be of support in the growth, evolution and sustained success of you and your organization.

In changing times, with rapid transformations, the biggest question looms in front of us - what does it mean to be human? How is humanity going to move past IR4, what does it mean to be leader? How can one lead organizations to its next level of success? Aashwasan leaders by being instrumental in helping organizations transcend barriers. Aashwasan helps organizations and individuals become self aware to experience oneness and enables them to make the right (strategic) choices to respond to the unknown (uncertainties) to make its/their vision(dreams) a reality. Aashwasan science maps a path of experience for Organizations, leaders & its members achieve the trajectory of growth. Visibility through accurate root cause analysis, aligning decisions to business goals, path breaking advisory services, workshops, experience labs that transform behavior and many more. Aashwasan works end to end or on need basis. Some of our clientele include Siemens, Emirates, Sigma Aldrich, SPML, Ordyn, Reliance etc. Aashwasan is the only organization in the world that has been able to showcase a dramatic improvement in bottomlines with people based interventions that led to spontaneous, sustainable attitude and behavioural transformation in its participants. Transformed behaviour impacted performance and performance impacted the toplines. More about Aashwasan science - https://youtu.be/oAES-nWQgiQ. About Aashwasan in Corporates - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z7vCHfu1T0wFelp_EzWjeP1PeN2chk8o/view?usp=sharing

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

PS: we are on a mission to restore humanity to its originality towards preservation of nature. We are open to collaborations/associations for a larger good.

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