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3027 Jackson St. SE
Dear Maytag
Never in my life of nearly 80 years have I ever hated an appliance as bad as I hate this piece of junk washing machine I bought from Home Depot in 2018. I don’t even know the model number of this worthless excuse for a major appliance. I don’t even want to take the time to look it up. You see my wife likes it and that is the only reason I haven’t shoved this white shiny box of metal, plastic and sophisticated electronic crap in front of a semi-truck or freight train. It is the so called sophisticated electronic sensitive touch on and off switches that are driving me up the wall. I say switches (plural) because the matching dryer wouldn’t operate for me at first. Now though I can usually get the dryer started with between 10 or 20 tries. Not so with the washing machine it won’t start no matter how many times I touch the start button. Whenever I need to wash something I have to make sure my wife is home to start the stupid thing.
If I had my way I would have returned this poor ass design of a major appliance the same day they installed it over a year ago.
Why am I telling you all this? Because it makes me feel better knowing that you guys know that not everyone that buys your poorly designed stuff likes it. I know I’m stuck with it so you all can have a good chuckle about that . . .

Ed Nease
Albany, OR

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