@WhirlpoolCorp – Jeff Fettig – Dear Mr. Bitzer, Back in 2013 my youngest son, my wife and I gutted our

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Dear Mr. Bitzer,

Back in 2013 my youngest son, my wife and I gutted our old kitchen and built a new modern kitchen which included the costs of a new Kitchen-Aid Stove, Dishwasher and Refrigerator (6100.00 – Install Date 8/27/2013). Total cost of everything was 21,000.00 which we have now paid off. We had a little problem with the drawer in the dish washer (Kitchen Aid sent out a kit to fix it at no cost) but for the most part the dish washer and the stove have performed as expected. However, the refrigerator has been a nightmare. We decided to purchase an extended warranty on the refrigerator ((KFIS29PBMS01 K32707838) 8/28/2014-8/28/2019)) because we had some issues during the initial warranty period.
Now I do not know if you have access to the service record on this refrigerator, but I would guess there were around 20 service call’s if not more. During that time both evaporators had to be replaced, a new condenser, I think it is on the third or fourth Ice Maker, multiple insulation kits of some sort, a couple different computer cards, a new bladder or something like that and a host of other corrections. We lost the contents of the refrigerator 3 times due to the major repairs listed above and we are now back to using ice trays in the freezer to make our ice.
Now my wife never wanted me to go with Kitchen Aid since we had up until that time two other refrigerators from sears that lasted a total of 46 years but I talked her into Kitchen Aid for I had read good reviews on your products. I guess there is a chance to get a lemon in any manufactured product, but this has been a very trying ordeal.
How about you send out someone to repair the Ice Maker and this time you take care of the cost of the parts and labor.
Michael Anderson

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