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Dear Mr. Bitzer,

I have been a good, happy Whirlpool customer for many years, my Wife is a Whirlpool girl and we have always been happy with your products.

Most recently I purchased a laundry center from Home Depot, the machine had not been working well since it was installed, I contacted Home Depot and they indicated that the unit was less then one year old and I should contact Whirlpool, I contacted Fields Appliance Service (an authorized Whirlpool repair service)

The technician that the sent was a terrible person who was not a truthful Individual, I have copied a letter that I sent to the company:

I had an appointment for a repair to a laundry center on 3-20-2020 between the hours of 8AM-12Noon

"The Letter I sent"
The technician arrived at 1155AM, he did not appear at the moment he entered my home that he was in good spirit. I explained to him the issues I had with the laundry center:

1. The dryer appeared to be loose from the washer, wobbled quite a bit, I owned this appliance since November 2019 and it was "never" like this.

2. The dryer during a cycle would catch and jam dryer sheet/s in the seal of the drum, it also has caught and damaged clothes, I have a picture of a shirt that was caught and twisted, almost damaging the shirt.

3. There is a lint catcher (screen) inside the dryer, part of the drum inside this lint catcher has a foam (spongy seal) and parts of the seal were either missing or damaged, what this did was with each dryer cycle the lint, rather than be caught by the screen would enter the vent and spew out of the vent in front of my apartment (The end of the vent is in the front of my condo), this would occur with "every" cycle, I had my vent professional cleaned three times (i have receipts), the lint was not old lint but fresh "white" "clean" lint.

After explaining each issue to the technician, he (Technician) said the wobble was normal, the catching of dryer sheets and my clothes is normal, and the spewing of lint with every cycle was also normal, I disagreed with his opinion however he disagreed with me, I said to him, well I guess then we are done, he said yes he was and he left, It would be hard to believe that a huge company like Whirlpool would manufacture an appliance that performed like this.

I received an invoice (no charge) completely blank and at the signature line the technician wrote in capital letters "CRAS". I replied to the email for explanation of a blank invoice with the CRAS on it.

I was informed that it translated ("customer refused a signature") the technician never asked me to sign anything, which was strange, normally a customer will sign something.

I received a second email from the company stating that the technician had informed them, I refused to sign, which is a totally untruthful statement, in fact I would have gladly signed and indicated on the form, my dissatisfaction with this technician.

I then contacted your office and spoke to "Monica" reference # 7727400662

A technition from Flaming Appliance center arrived on 3-27-2020, inspected my appliance and agreed that it was in need of a repair, a part (drum) was needed and other parts I am not aware of was ordered.

Flamingo informed me that the parts needed had been received and I was given an appointment of Thursday April 2, 2020 for the repair, on Wednesday April 1, 2020 I received a call from Flamingo indicating that the part/s had NOT?? been received and I needed to wait until the parts came in.

On the morning of April 2, 2020, I placed a call to Flamingo in an attempt to determine what the ETA of the ordered parts would be. I was told by "Martha" that there was a problem with the shipping of the parts, no further information could be given.

I have been without a washer dryer for two weeks now as I an unable to use the dryer for the aforementioned reasons.

Can you or a designee kindly assist me in this issue? Frankly I believe I should receive a complete replacement of this laundry Center.

Thank You for your time


Philip Callas

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