@WhirlpoolCorp – Jeff Fettig – Dear Mr. Bitzer, We have owned Whirlpool products for many years and have been mostly

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Dear Mr. Bitzer,
We have owned Whirlpool products for many years and have been mostly satisfied. We even purchased an insurance plan from you so we wouldn't have repair issues with your products. Our refrigerator (7 years old) has always had issues with the door needing to be adjusted and through the insurance plan, the technicians have done just that. Today I had the most unsatisfactory experience with not only the technician but with the customer service representatives of the insurance plan Whirlpool chose. The technician was rude and told us adjusting the door was not in the contract. when I explained that other technicians had adjusted the door several times over the last seven years, he said no, its not in the contract. when I contacted the customer service people and after an hour and a half on the phone waiting to speak to someone who might help, the answer from the "resolution Leader" was that the contract doesn't not allow for door adjustment under number 15X which says "installation", How deceptive to
assume that when we read the limitations of the contract we would assume that "installation" included adjusting the door which takes about one minute. The company Whirlpool contracted with was difficult to deal with and left us with a very bad taste . Now, I understand this is not for you to personally deal with but I am hoping that you will have someone with the authority to get this done or return my money for the contract.
Thank you for considering my issue with whirlpool's appliance insurance plan and their lack of customer service. Sharon Fleischman

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