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@WhirlpoolCorp – Jeff Fettig – dear mr marc bitzer this is an urgent message as i need to talk to

karen jackson sent a message to Jeff Fettig that said:

dear mr marc bitzer this is an urgent message as i need to talk to you about the awful service i have recieved today from your engineer.he was replacing our drum on our washer dryer and took it all apart, he then preceded to go and get new drum out of his vehicle and wenot sure if it was already broken or if he said he dropped the new drum so couldnt fit it but instead of putting the old one backin till he could get anew one he left my washiing machine in pieces and now we have been told it wont be fixed for another 5 days as they had to order another drum. this is not good enough and he should have left us with our drumthat worked instead of leaving it in bits,,how a i meant to do any washing for the next 5 days . my husband and i both fall in the vulnerable category and need a working machine ., this needs to be sorted before the weekend or i will be contacting watchdog about this awful service that i have recieved. we will also be filing a complaint with the insurance company as this isnt good enough.. please contact me with an appoint for either drum relaced this weekor for someone to put my od drum back in to machine temporarily my phone number is 07598848558 and ref number is 1522549128 please can you get in touch asap karen jackson

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