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Nicole Digiore sent a message to Jeff Fettig that said:

Hello Marc Blitzer:
I am writing to you as a concerned customer. My husband and I along with my family have always been fans of your company and product. My husband and I purchased our first home four years ago and bought a new Kitchenaid refrigerator. We were excited to see the stove and dishwasher were Whirlpool. We were so happy with our purchase that when my parents refrigerator broke they also purchased a Kitchenaid refrigerator.
This past summer we ran into an issue with our refrigerator door starting to corroding creating a hole in the door. When the licensed service company (Dan Marc) came out to our home the technician reported it was an issue with the insulation behind the ice machine causing the door to corrode and stated it can not be fixed. When his report went to Whirlpool I was again informed that this issue was not covered under the warranty. The cost to replace the door that was quoted to me was the same price I paid for the entire refrigerator. I truly did not understand how one door can cost the price of the entire refrigerator. I went to your Facebook and Instagram accounts and posted pictures of my refrigerator asking if anyone had issues with the company covering this insulation issue. I was then contacted by Kitchen Aid via Facebook Messenger asking for me to contact them.
When I reached out on the number they provided they had offered to replace the door. I was truly grateful that the company had offered to stand up behind its' product and offer assistance. However, the order for my replacement door was put in back in June. It is now four and a half months later and I still have the same corroding door, which gets worse by the day.
I have called Dan Marc to follow up on the door and was told that it takes 8-10 weeks for the door to be received. The doors are made to order and take 4-6 weeks to make. I was told by Dan Marc that they can not get me an order number and that due to COVID I would have to be patient as production is being held up. I reached out to the KitchenAid/Whirlpool customer service representatives who also informed me they can not get me an order number or track my order.
I am in a position where the company has offered to replace my door but no way to track my order, if there even is one. I do not believe that your company runs like this. I do not believe that there is no order number that anyone can get to track my replacement door. A company as big and prestigious as Whirlpool of course has a tracking system for all their orders. I am hoping that this email reaches you Marc because I know if you read this something will finally get done. A person doesn't make it to the top like you have, by sitting back, they make it to the top because they produce and work hard. I know you will come through for me if you read this.
Thank You so much for your time.
Have a wonderful day,
Nicole Digiore

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