@WhirlpoolCorp – Jeff Fettig – Hello Mr Bitzer. I hope it is you that deals with this message. I have

Mrs Joan Clark sent a message to Jeff Fettig that said:

Hello Mr Bitzer. I hope it is you that deals with this message. I have an old Accuwash Heavy Duty Series 8 Whirlpool told loading washing machine. Unfortunately this has started to leak so i contacted your repairs department today and a very helpful, kind young man talked me through the system. Apparently to attempt to repair this machine I would pay £250 up front to get an engineer to call. Fair enough. I asked what would happen if he/she was unable to repair the machine. He said that i would be refunded £185, the remaining £65 being the call out charge. Fair enough. The gentleman then read out the terms and conditions for me and I was astounded when he told me that the repair was only guaranteed for 21 DAYS! Now I am hardly going to pay £250 for use of the machine for 3 weeks. I thought it would last a year like most guarantees. It seems a bit risky to me. I have looked at the new machines but they are not as good at saving water (except the 6th sense one which, although it senses the amount of water needed there would be more things that could go wrong with it). I find that basic is best. It is a shame that the Atlantis does not let you do small, medium and large washes like the Accuwash does. Please let me have your views on why the repair guarantee is so poor. thank you. Joan Clark

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