@WhirlpoolCorp – Jeff Fettig – Hi Mr. Blitzer. I have what appears to be a large problem, that should have

Marcel Bezeau sent a message to Jeff Fettig that said:

Hi Mr. Blitzer. I have what appears to be a large problem, that should have been taken care of very easily. First I have all whirlpool appliances in my home from Fridge, Stove top, Double oven, dish washer, Washer & dryer. We bought the washer & Dryer in February of 2020 It was delivered just before the shut down in March. We have had a tech guy come to the house three times so far, and this is the result. First time they said a part needed to be replaced, and it took two weeks soon after that we had someone come back out because the machine was doing the exact same thing and he didn't know what was wrong and just re calibrated it and said if it's doing the same thing call for an senior guy to take a look at it. So you know what's coming, yes I did call and they said they would send a senior tech, and the very same guy came to the door. When I called their office I was told by a supervisor that the machine needed not one,, not two, but, three parts and major ones at that. 1.Slider, 2 Washer Plate, and 3 the big one A new Transmission. So now I am told I have to wait. because only 2 of the three parts are even available. Those by the way I am told may take up to two weeks to get out here to California. The third part who knows how long that may take. I was told by your staff to contact the store where it was bought to get a replacement if I wanted it replaced instead of waiting for who knows how long. I contacted the store I bought it at, and low and behold the full circle, they tell me they can't replace it unless.... you guessed it, Whirlpool tells them to replace it. All this over what I now learn is a discontinued item, and that's in the 7 short months I bought it. I would think that trying to get parts for an item that has been discontinued could and would be very hard to get. I never would have bought it if I had known it was being discontinued. I don't think I am asking for the stars here, just need a new washer and dryer set as I bought the set and would need to replace the set since it's been discontinued. Please let me know how dizzying this has made you over something so simple. I would be very happy if you can get someone on it to get this resolved by simply replacing these two units, should be a very small thing. With thanks Marcel Bezeau

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