@WhirlpoolCorp – Jeff Fettig – Marc Bitzer using the excuse of the pandemic has grown old I went to Lowes

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Marc Bitzer

using the excuse of the pandemic has grown old
I went to Lowes to buy a Maytag dishwasher in April
it showed up just after 4th of July!
on August 3rd it stopped working
I got online and made an appointment
August 10th was my date
since I had not seen 1 email or received 1 phone call
I called in... 3 hours on the phone waiting
was told I did not have an appointment!
and the best she could do is get me one for the 17th of August!!!!
tech walks in and say "YUP ! pump is dead, need a new one, don't have one...needs to be ordered.
he leaves and does nothing...leaves it full of water
so, I make another appointment for when the parts should arrive 24th of August anticipating my needs since I am on my own here if I want this fixed
the parts arrive to my house telling me I must call in and tell your company I have your parts you need to fix MY DISHWASHER... my appointment for the 24 got canceled … I get a new one for the 30th of SEPTEMBER!

I spent over $700 for the privilege of washing my dishes BY HAND for TWO MONTHS!

...do not even start to use the pandemic as an excuse...

so today I get a call from another useless automated voice telling me I have a service appointment tomorrow... press 1 to accept press 2 to cancel... CLICK! I never answered !!!! it hung up on me...

so now I need to call in again to be on hold... sorry you have been on hold for 2 hours, but you need to call whirlpool service.... May I have a supervisor please.... 30 minutes of more hold time. so I get ANOTHER PHONE and call whirlpool service... hold time again... todays hold time tips the scales of 3 hours.. that was HOLD TIME! so now I have both whirlpool customer care and whirlpool service on at the same time... wp service is stunned that the auto voice hung-up without an answer looks up my appointment and UN CANCELS it and confirms it... WP customer service could hear this. this is a very shitty situation so far and NOTHING about this makes me want to tell people to BUY MAYTAG... the tone in everyone voice is that of a person that hears this day in and day out...
you have an issue NAH you company has ISSUES! I called a friend who is an independent service tech ... he laughed at me for buying a MAYTAG and said if I called him, he would not even fix it... it is a POS!
your front-line representatives a numb to the issues and mindlessly say polite words... maybe this is TRUMPS fault!... Maybe it is the Democrats fault... but bottom line... it is YOUR FAULT! you sit at eh top... the buck stops on YOUR DESK. I do not expect a reply. this will just go into the circular file... first and last Maytag/whirlpool appliance. you and I both know the COVID is an awesome loophole... your stock is doing great with all the stimulus money...

right now, I am tired of doing dishes by hand using my $700 drying rack that stinks of rancid water

if after the tech shows up tomorrow and I find it not working I will be more unhappy than I am now

this will be a passive response to a BAD situation

thanks for maybe reading my rant


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