@WhirlpoolCorp – Jeff Fettig – My washing machine was identified as a product recall when I attempted to request an

Melissa Kelly sent a message to Jeff Fettig that said:

My washing machine was identified as a product recall when I attempted to request an engineer in December. I have been paying extended warranty for nearly 4 years, however agreed to wait until recall replacement was available. I was emailed to choose a delivery slot for my replacement machine and chose Monday 3rd Feb. Delivery arrived only to be discovered to have a faulty connection, so could not be replaced. The attendees took away both my recalled washing machine and the faulty replacement. They said they would phone their office and advice when a replacement would be delivered. They stayed in the van and then drove off without an update. I phoned Whirlpool on Tues 4th Feb and was put through to Dixon’s, as was told they would know when replacement arriving. They said they couldn’t rearrange until Whirlpool had released the stock, but said they’d look into it and call me back. No update received. I again called whirlpool on Wednesday 5th Feb, was again referred to Dixon’s, which I refused due to previous day experience. Colleague at Whirlpool assured he would look into matter and call me back that day. I received no call. I called whirlpool again on Thursday, the colleague called Dixon’s and said an investigation would be raised, and her manager would call me back within a 4 hour window, so could be Friday 7th Feb. I have still received no call to arrange a replacement. I have been left with no washing machine, apology or communication. I have had to spend money on using a laundrette, and feel thoroughly frustrated and upset by the whole experience. I couldn’t face phoning again today to be fed more lies. As I said, I have been paying extended warranty since I bought the machine, so have paid for it 3 times over. Please advise me who I can contact to get what I have paid for and am entitled to.

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