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Hello, I work in a similar environment and wanted to share my experience with whirpool so far.
Our story (the summary)

On July 9th, we purchased 2 whirlpool appliances, a fridge and a wall oven, for our new home. The estimated delivery date was July 27th, which was perfect because our kitchen installation was scheduled for August 1st. A week after purchase, I was notified that my purchase would not arrive until August 18th. I immediately contacted the vender and Whirlpool to address the issue. We were informed by whirlpool that the fridge was on backorder and even though they had an oven available, they wouldnt ship a partial order. Seeing as how the installation of our kitchen can't take place without all the built in appliances, we had the vender split the order into two so whirlpool would ship us an oven earlier than the 18th. We were provided a new delivery date, confirmed by both the vender and more importantly whirlpool, of August 4th. So, we moved our installation to the 6th. I received another notification saying the fridge was further delayed and wouldn't be delivered until August 28th. At that time I called to check on the oven and was assured again it would be delivered on the 4th, they even told me it would be sent to the vender distribution center by the 31st. So I waited until the 31st to call again. On the 31st I was told it hadn't shipped and due to backorder wouldn't be delivered until the 16th. Strange thing is, the next day I was emailed saying my order was "on time" for the 4th. So I called again, and was assured it would be here by the 4th as scheduled. There was even some confusion as to why I was told the 16th the day before. Well as it turns out, it's the 4th, we STILL DO NOT have our purchased wall oven, we have had to delay installation AGAIN, and we have absolutely no guarantee that this delivery date will actually hold true.
We weren't even notified this time of any delay. In fact, the only notification we recieved told us our order was "on time". We have lost faith in whirlpool and their "there's nothing we can do" attitude. If we could go back or not risk further delays to having a kitchen, we'd cancel this order and go with another manufacturer. Living without a kitchen has been an adventure, and we'd really like that adventure to end. Thanks to whirlpool we've already been granted an extra 3 weeks of this adventure, and that time may still increase. Unfortunately when we get a kitchen currently lies in the hands of whirlpool, and frankly they just don't seem to care.

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