@WholeFoods – John Mackey – Hi Mr. Mackey, Writing to you to share with you an experience I had today

Linda Randall sent a message to John Mackey that said:

Hi Mr. Mackey,

Writing to you to share with you an experience I had today at your Burbank California store. This morning I entered your store approximately 9:40am to pickup Sunday dinner items. Once again the shelves poorly stocked so I was only able to pick up 5 of the 20 things in my list. With so little items I decide to use the self check out. As I'm ring up my items I noticed a security guy carrying a firearm come all the way from one side of the store to back of the store where I am. He ask me if I need help which is odd and I tell him no. I continue ringing up items and for a second time as he is literally standing a few feet from me watching my every move ask me again if I need help. It's odd because he's not wearing a WH apron so why is he approaching me. Now I'm annoyed and have figured out I'm being racially profiled and tell him firmly no I do not need help. I was so so very upset and felt like I'd done something wrong. I could not get out of that store fast enough. Because your store was so poorly stocked I went over to Trader Joes which is less than a mile away who was very nicely stocked, no armed security guards and the staff was very kind and friendly. I even stopped at the worst place ever Ralphs in Studio city and boy where they nice, the store very clean (and I shouldn't have to note that!) fully stocked and once again no armed guards. I used to think of Wholefoods as the ultimate in experience and quality. I must say after todays experience I will never ever shop there again. After I left Ralphs I went back to your store because I felt horrible to speak to a manager. Dave is his name. WOW is all I can say. Worst customer service ever and he raised his voice at me. Lesson learned and this experience, was so bad for me I've take the time to research Wholefoods and contacting you. Do better Wholefoods.



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