William Dillard II – A week ago today, 2/17/19, I went to Dillard?s Bee Cave, Tx and purchased 585

Dura Sims sent a message to William Dillard II that said:

A week ago today, 2/17/19, I went to Dillard’s Bee Cave, Tx and purchased 585.00 of shoes and clothes for a business trip I was going to on Monday, 2/18/10. I was not feeling well so I decided not to try on the shoes or the clothes because I have never had an issue exchanging things at other Dillard’s if they didn’t fit before.

Once in Fort Worth and at my hotel I unpacked my bags, removed the tags from the clothes to run a quick iron over them so they were not wrinkled from being in the suitcase and would be ready to wear for my meetings the next day. This is routine for me.

When I got dressed the next morning, the white pants I wanted to wear were to large so I put on the black pants which fit fine and went to my meeting. Coming back to my room that night I decided I should try everything since they fit so differently. The Michael Kors pants were the only ones that fit true to size. I folded the three that didn’t fit and put them in my bag with the receipt however hotel housekeeping had thrown out the tags that were removed and left on my nightstand when I ironed the clothes. These were the only 3 out of 8 items of clothing that I would need to exchange for a smaller size when I returned.

My purchase of the shoes was an issue as well. Yes, I should have checked for the right sizes and tried them on but I didn’t think I would need to since I was very clear to the girl helping me that I needed a 7.5 in the boots because of boot socks but would need a 7 in the slip on shoes. I purchased the 4 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of boots and left. When I pulled my shoes out of my suitcase to put in the hotel closet I saw that all of the shoes were 7.5 like the boots. The girl at Dillard’s pulled everything in 7.5 not 7 in the shoes as I had requested. The boots fit perfectly, the shoes I can’t wear because I slip right out of them. All are still in the box and still have the wrapping and shape holder in them and I put them back in the bag to exchange as well.

I am now back from Fort Worth and called Dillard’s Bee Cave to ask if they had the shoes in a 7 for me to come in and exchange. I drove 40 minutes from my home in Buda to EXCHANGE.... NOT RETURN!! These items so I can wear them.

I was shocked and I am furious that when I got there, the manager, Mariah Prana refused to allow me to exchange any of the items from the clothes to the shoes saying that the receipts didn’t matter without the tags for the clothes and the shoes she said clearly say all over my receipt that they can’t be returned after 3 days... I stated again, I never asked to return a single item, I only wanted the correct sizes which she had in the boxes at the register since I had called ahead and explained I’d be coming to Dillard’s Bee Cave specifically to exchange these items.

She refused to exchange anything today stating that “DILLARDS WILL NOT BE RETURNING ANY OF YOUR ITEMS TODAY, FOR THE FUTURE YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR TAGS” and she sent me out with hundreds of dollars worth of items I will not be able to wear when she did have the right sizes in stock and on hold for me at the register! Please keep in mind I was not at anytime attempting to return a single item, only to exchange for the right sizes!!

I will never shop at Dillard’s again and want an explanation from your corporate office ASAP!! I am going to share this on every review site I can because no one should be subject to this type of abuse where they spend their hard earned money and everyone should be able to wear the clothes and shoes that they just spent hundreds of dollars on!

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