William Dillard II – Dear Mr.Dillard I am a former employee from the Tyler, TX store on Broadway

Denise Vazquez sent a message to William Dillard II that said:

Dear Mr.Dillard

I am a former employee from the Tyler, TX store on Broadway Ave. I am nineteen years old and I worked at that store for almost nine months until I was terminated for violating code 19. I am here to state my opinion on my termination, and to that, I say it was very unethical because I believe my situation was somewhat different. The cause of my termination was me lending a co-worker my discount card to buy a shirt for work purposes... I was aware at the time that I was not supposed to lend anyone my card yes... however because it was meant for work purposes I did not think it was going to cost me my job. I kept the receipt in hand just in case anything happened and the person whom I let borrow my card had the merchandize on. So this is my question, If this co-worker was currently in the building and I had the receipt that I did, offer to show the store manager couldn't there have been another way to resolve this situation?
Also, I would like to point out that code 19 was not very specific as to ( no employee that is not eligible for the discount is allowed to get the discount). What exactly does that mean? what makes an employee not eligible? because as far as I know, some people had problems with activating the card or applying for the card...
I want to say again ... I know my mistakes and If I had gotten a warning I assure you it wouldn't have happened again. Also if we are being honest here there is more than just one employee that bend the rules some for good and some for bad, its human nature just like lying. Therefore I kindly ask if that termination could be changed in exchange for another opportunity. Maybe not specifically for Dillards but I would like the chance to work somewhere in Dillards.

-Denise Vazquez

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