William T Dillard II – Hi! I have been a long time Customer (40) years going back to when it

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Hi! I have been a long time Customer (40) years going back to when it was Joske's. I would normally not not concern myself with issues that are going on at a Store. Your First Colony Mall location has a serious problem. You have a manager that is stealing, hiding merchandise in her office until it goes on sale, giving away testers, making racist , weight remarks/comments behind customers and employees backs to other employees, she brings food to her work area including a crockpot!! It poses a safety issue to everyone, it smells up the department and surrounding area, never mind the fact that it attracts rats (that currently roam the store). Customers have even commented on the smell. When her manager has asked her about the food she denies it! She has been reported to management and yet nothing has been done and still continues this behavior. She is partial to employees of her race. She brings morale down and makes it an awful place to work at. Her name is *** in the fragrance department, she is a manager. She has even made awful remarks to employees about an employee that just passed away a few days ago! She said "No more *******" to coworkers. what a terrible thing to say! Coworkers are sad about her passing and then you have a manager or anyone making inconsiderate and unnecessary comments. This is ridiculous and someone needs to do something. Does she not realize she is opening up the store to a law suit! Her actions are causing issues for several people. Perhaps your management team needs to be looked at to see why they allow this type of behavior. I do not want my name mentioned to anyone at the store. I am being kind reaching out to you so you know what is going on. I can be reached by email or by phone. I am sure there are several employees that can testify to her behavior. This saddens me as a customer and a relative of someone that enjoyed working at Dillards. I can not imagine any business owner wanting a person like this representing their company.

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