@WilliamsSonoma – Laura Alber – Hello Ms. Alber, please note that I am a Pottery Barn customer of more than

Peggy Gossett sent a message to Laura Alber that said:

Hello Ms. Alber, please note that I am a Pottery Barn customer of more than 15 years. Most of our home features you products. I am writing due to a surprisingly disturbing series of phone calls to your 800 number. I was trying to order your Classic Dining Chair Seat Cushion, quantity 8, on sale for $3 off. The free shipping code of Fall did not work despite it being a $500-plus order. The 800 number operator said she could not help me because the items were listed as furniture. Clearly they are not furniture, but cushions. She transferred me to a service manager who was curt and haughty. He looked them up and said not only ere they furniture but they were totally out of stock. I had just checked the page and was shocked. I am recovering from covid-19 and am just trying to spruce up the house and cannot go out and shop. I quickly went back to the shopping cart and punched the icon to purchase. The order said it went through but I wasn't sure due to the man's response. So I checked Wayfair and other sites. Then the cushions arrived today. Your company's policy of $3 off is hardly a bargain and the price decreased further with a FRIENDS code today. The items are not furniture. They were in fact available. The grief I went through was uncalled for and the service rep certainly performed a disservice. Please advise how this could have happened. I don't know what happened to your company, but its customer service has sunk way low. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Peggy Gossett

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