@WilliamsSonoma – Laura J Alber – I am a Trade Member and have possibly made my final purchase with any of

Catherine Viviano sent a message to Laura J Alber that said:

I am a Trade Member and have possibly made my final purchase with any of the WS based companies.

We purchased two chairs for my husband's office from West Elm. The chairs were scheduled to be delivered to his office building yesterday, July 16, 2018 between the hours of 5:00pm - 8:00 pm CT. We received a confirmation email from WE. The office building was notified and they in turn prepared the elevator or the delivery.

Both my husband and I tried numerous times to call the delivery scheduling number when it appeared the delivery might be running behind. Each time we called Scheduling Center: 844-818-1963 and the recording automatically says the hold time will be less than 3 minutes. Each time we called, we were on hold for 20-30 minutes and only once did an agent answer. She put us on hold and subsequently disconnected us. My husband eventually got through and we were told they somehow cancelled our delivery.

It is now July 17th, 9:30 am. and I am currently "waiting" for a return phone call from a West Elm customer service supervisor.

It is interesting to me that you have a B.A. in psychology and yet, you oversee a company with a clear bias to arrogance. The idea the you knowingly and willingly accept the practice of a division of your corporation to make customers hold for ridiculously long periods of time says to me you don't value the customers who have brought your company such good fortune. Shame on you.

As a member of the Trade, I will no longer accept your practices and will NEVER make a purchase requiring delivery again. You don't deserve Trade business. ASID deserves more respect than you are clearly able to give.

I invite you to call your scheduling number and pretend you are a customer. It might reveal something about the company you head up. Ask yourself, what are you offering customers that they can't easily find somewhere else, for their trouble, their time, their money. You might humble yourself and your company just a little and get your Customer Service act together.

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