WIN- WIN PLAN FOR KINDERMORGAN This important message . Firstly, I support the pipeline being built – Steven J Kean – @Kinder_Morgan

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This important message .

Firstly, I support the pipeline being built but I believe KIndermorgan has not done a very good job selling the project to BC. Below is a plan that I believe may change the resistance to the pipeline being built, and will get the politicians to support it . It may cost more but in the long run will pay off.

1. The current oil protection booms are at best a joke to prevent a massive or moderate oil spill while loading the tankers. My plan would include building 1-3 “ocean locks” that the ship would pull into and the doors would close sealing the loading area totally from the surrounding ocean. If there was an oil spill, the sealed “lock” would contain the spill and clean up would only require pumping the spilled oil out of the lock.

2. People of BC fear a tanker running aground. To prevent this possibility, Kindermorgan should promote having at least two Ocean Pilots and Pilot ships escorting and assisting in navigation of tankers through inland waters all the way to the open ocean. You could also promote the current safety record of Kindermorgan shipping oil by indicating how many tankers have sailed to the port of Vancouver over the past X number of years with no oil spills.

3. BC residents pay some of the highest gas prices in North America which is mainly due to a lack of supply and reliance on US gas from Washington State. My plan is to build a small refinery somewhere along the Kindermorgan pipeline (because the pipeline is already in place) that would supply cheap gas to BC residents. In fact you could probably negotiate with Alberta for cheaper oil for this refinery as a means of getting BC residents to accept the new pipe line, or even partnering with BC to build it.

4. BC public are only hearing protesters which is swaying the vote. Kinderemargan needs to heavily promote this information, outline in my plan, to the public via media and TV so that they are aware of how much Kindermorgan cares about the environment and what it is doing to protect the environment. Additionally, most Canadians only think fuel and oil is used for vehicles, planes and boats and have no idea what other products are made from oil. E.G. plastics. They need to know what the oil is used for.

In todays society, to gain public confidence costs much more than it did even 10 years ago. I believe the plan I outlined will change the resistance to the pipeline.

Hope this helps
Richard Heriot

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