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I am a employee of travel centers of america #224.for almost 5 years. And there are things that are happening that you need to know about. First of all I am being retalliated agaist for going to my Dm,Charles Williams because of the situation Nick Howell the new manager of the fuel island and Ty Rutlage the c store manager. I've got it all documented in writing and i've got Ty on voice recording showing that she took some money from the safe when nick messed up before going on his 2 day vacation. I went to charles williams my dm following protacall and i let him listen to it but he acted like he didnt hear nothing. I had a meeting with ty and charles before they new i had the recording. the next morning before me nick and charles had the meeting i showed charles the voice recording. after the meetings ty and nick was telling everyone i was a snitch because i told on ty for having her lead johnny drunk on the job and got sent home by the other lead and now there saying he was off the clock when it happened, wich he was not plus ty, johnny, nick, and tys son that works there as a 17 yrs old bying cigarettes from the c store. i've got wittness and proof of everything. They tried to fire me numerous of times but nothing worked now they suspended me for further investigation on theft., i dont even know what theft im being investigated for. I never once in 5 yrs took anything from that store and i only had 2 write ups. i am a damn good employee, and for this to happen i will be taking it further if we dont get this resolved quick. thank you , you can contact me on my cell 870-796-1071 or email: tammywall5595@gmail.com.

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