With due respect we would like to bring to your kind notice that we were – Vittorio Colao email address

TECHNOMED HEALTHCARE sent a message to Vittorio Colao CEO, Vodafone – email address that said:

With due respect we would like to bring to your kind notice that we were having 6 nos. of VODAFONE
Due to regular problems we make a request to port out these nos. Out of these 6 nos. Vodafone allowed only 3 nos. on approx 04/02/2016

At the time we made a extra payment also of billed unbilled amount for all the nos.

Now for the balance 3 nos. Vodafone has stopped the services. When we tried to find out the reason we came to know that this due to nonpayment of bill for port out nos.
When we asked for the bill we came to know that bill for 2 nos.  is wrong as Vodafone has put the internet charges on both the nos. inspite of NET PACKAGES.

We asked to remove these charges to your LEVEL 4 MANAGER Mr. Deepak Sharma(Deputy Manager Credit Control / His team member refused giving a offer of 15% discount on the remaining amount. We refused to accept this as the bill  is wrong. for which they said that you have to make the payment than only the services will be resumed.

Kindly note we have never mailed nor given any written request for deactivation of INTERNET PACK for any of the nos. As these are the co-orporate nos so there should be a mail or atleast a written request on letter head with stamp.If VODAFONE have any paper or proof for deactivation of Net pack please show it and i clear all payments.I mailed to Vodafone Regularly for show proof and clear all the matter but everytime vodafone mail to me for payment

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